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Coolant (Antifreeze)

Ever wonder how your car is able to operate in extreme temperatures without overheating? It is thanks to your radiator cooling system. Coolant, also known as antifreeze, is the fluid running through this system to ensure the engine idols and runs at a certain temperature without overheating. It is always wise to regularly check the coolant level by opening the hood and looking for the coolant reservoir which typically contains a green or pink fluid. If you experience this level drop, you could possibly have a leakage in your cooling system which requires aid from the professionals.

Brake Fluid

The lights turn red and you slowly but surely come to a stop by applying the brake pedal. Yes, the brake pads and rotors are responsible for stopping but what brings them to stopping the vehicle is called brake fluid. This hygroscopic, non-compressible, hydraulic fluid converts the energy applied by your foot on the brake pedal into braking pressure that grasps the brake rotors with the brake pads slowing the vehicle down. If you see the ABS light come on or are experiencing pedal problems or strange noises, chances are you need a brake fluid flush. This service consists of the system being drained of its old brake fluid with new pressurized fluid to make sure you come to a safe stop at the next red light. 

Engine Oil

Everyone is familiar with oil changes but there is more to it than just that. Engine oils come in various viscosities and mixes, the most apparent being conventional oil versus synthetic oil. However, there is also the less apparent difference between synthetic blend oils and full synthetic oils. Here at Pal Auto Service & Body Shop, when our customers ask for a synthetic oil change, we always and only provide full synthetic oil changes at no extra cost. This guarantees your vehicles engine is being lubricated with the best quality oil to reduce friction along with wear and tear of the engines internal moving parts. Staying on top of such simple maintenance increases the lifespan of your vehicles engine and saves you money down the road.

Power Steering

The power steering system also has a specific oil in charge of lubricating the required components to turn your front wheels on demand. 

Transmission Fluid

Unlike engine oil, the transmission fluid in your vehicle does not only serve as a lubricant for moving parts. Rather, transmission fluid acts as a lubricating oil and hydraulic fluid, which aids in smooth gear shifts along with cooling of the transmission. However, transmission fluid is susceptible to heat. Heat degrades the transmission fluid in your vehicles transmission and over time changes the viscosity which can lead to transmission failure if left unmaintained. Difficulties changing gears, slipping or skipping gears, hard shifts or a knocking sound between gears, delayed accelerations are all indicators that it might be time to get that transmission fluid changed by the professionals at Pal Auto Service & Body Shop.  

Windshield Washer Fluid

It is always a hazard not having your windshield washer fluid when you need it most. Driving with a dirty windshield decreases your visibility which is a hazard to everyone in the vehicle and those around you on the road. It is always recommended to keep your vehicles windshield washer fluid topped off. This is best done by getting your windshield washer fluid topped off whenever you come in for regular maintenance at Pal Auto Service & Body Shop.